This is a replica of the Regent diamond. The stone was found in 1698 in India. The real large uncut stone was over 410 carats. Initially called the Pitt Diamond after Thomas Pitt who acquired the stone and had it shipped to England to be cut in 1702 into the 140.50 carat cushion-shaped brilliant cut. It was later purchased by the French Regent, Philip II, Duke of Orleans in 1717. It was then named the Regent Diamond. It was set into the Crown of Louis XV and worn at his coronation in 1723. Two generations later, Marie Antoinette used the Regent to adorn a large hat. During the French Revolution, the diamond disappeared along with several other important gems. It was found 15 months later and used in the hilt of Napoleon's sword. It remains part of the French Crown Jewels and is on display at the Louvre in Paris today.

The Brilliant LegacyTM replica of the famous Regent Diamond is made of premier
quality cubic zirconia having and is approximately 140.50 carats diamond equivalent total weight.

Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 20.5 mm
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